Here I am going to collect comments, suggestions, pointers to results and other stuff related to the contents of the book. The order is: earlier notes come later.
  1. A criterion for a family to be self-dual.
  2. Blocking sets and the min-max principle (Thanks to Andrey for the pointer)
  3. More on greedy and approximation (Addon to Sect. 10.3)
  4. An application of r-union-free families [PDF], by Ronald de Wolf
  5. A proof of Sperner's theorem via Hall's theorem [PDF], by Olga Manzhina and Arseniy Sagdeyev
  6. Sperner's theorem for 2-multisets, by Arseniy Sagdeyev
  7. A short proof of generalized Sperner's theorem [PDF], by Tomas Juskevicius
  8. Chernoff's bounds for dependent random variables
  9. Yet another short proof of Dilworth's theorem
  10. Kruskal-Katona theorem: Why shifting preserves the neighborhood?
  11. A story of Bollobás theorem
  12. A new proof of Isolation Lemma
  13. An interesting inequality on binomial coefficients

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